meditation on espresso

Every day I get up and make my coffee…only this isn’t just any coffee. Each day for 24 years, I have made my coffee in a little Bialetti* espresso maker. Alongside that, I have a tiny pot of milk simmering, and what I end up with is a triple-shot latte. Every. Day. Most mornings, this is completely functional; caffeine to get me through the day, and a little indulgence to make me feel special. The routine is the same: Grind the coffee. Grab the powerful, yet diminutive, espresso maker. Unscrew the top from the bottom. Take out the filter basket. Fill the bottom with water. Insert basket. Fill basket with grounds. Screw the top back on. Put on the stove and turn on the burner. This is repeated daily, usually without thought. But today…today this routine became a ritualistic ceremony. That ceremony became an epiphany, and that epiphany became the seed for this blog.

After filling the bottom of the pot with water, putting the grounds in the filter basket, and fastening the top, I put the espresso pot on the stove and opened the lid so that I could watch the first of the dark elixir bubble up the center. This process always fascinates me. I know, I know…it’s just a mini-pressure cooker, and as the liquid heats up it’s sent out the only way it can go: up the tube in the center. But, as I stood watching, I thought about how pressure cookers are analogous to stress and negativity, and an eventual burst of negative energy . But not my little pot. It is different. It is full of goodness–my magic black-brown elixir–waiting to come out and fill the top well generously and fully. And that, my friends, was my epiphany.  I…we…all of us, are full of pent-up goodness waiting to burst out and fill the world.

As I sipped this morning’s latte, the taste was deeper, richer, and more complex with all the intentions I have set for myself. And you? What do you intend to put into the world this year? Find your magic elixir, drink it, and go!

*I have absolutely no affiliation with, nor advantage as a result of mentioning, this company.